Your music can't beat the solid foundation of a great drum performance.

Ever been impacted by the sound of real drums over loops and programming? Ever felt the primal elation of organic acoustic beats? Well hopefully you have and that's something I wish to share with anyone needing real drums on their music.

As a musician I love collaborating and getting creative, so let's work together to get your music sounding the way it should. I always play for the song, considering what will best suit your sound - no showing off, no over-playing - it's about your music, unless of course you want that drum solo half way through the intro.

I can travel to any studio, which I have done many times, or I can work from my home studio. Recording remotely, and with a fast turnaround, I will provide high quality drum stems for you to mix, master or mash-up on the further production of your project. Everyone marches to the beat of their own drum, but in this case I want your audience to dance, headbang or throw shapes to the beat of MY DRUMS on YOUR MUSIC.

THE PROCESS: Recorded with AKG and SHURE mics through a TASCAM interface on to CUBASE, your stems will be sent as WAV files ready for mixing. Just send me a guide track (instrumentation with clicktrack), and I'll send back a stereo mixdown. You can then share your thoughts and we'll do a bit of back and forth until you're happy. Once it's where it needs to be, I'll record the agreed performance and then deliver your professional drum stems to you.

So if it's Rock or Pop, don't be shy and contact me now. Examples and pricing information below.


Remote Recording (per track) -

Demo - FREE (Stereo Mixdown with guide track, not for release and no revisions) - 48 hr turnaround

STEMS - £70 (Full Res WAV files, allowed for release plus three revisions) - 24 hr turnaround

In-studio -

Travel, accommodation and expenses will be taken into account with the following prices:

First track - £100

Second track - £90

Further tracks- £80 each

For in-studio work, a FREE DEMO will still be sent ahead of any bookings.


Take a listen to my drumming featured on the following tracks. Mixed and Mastered respective of artist.


Available for: live, depping and studio sessions. | +44 (0)7828 790 069

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